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Modular payments & issuing platform built from the ground up in the cloud using the best of breed partners. Pie People can design, build and release your proposition quicker, cheaper and better than anyone

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Program management


Mobile payment

Mobile Payments

Cards and IBANs

Cards and IBANs

Bin sponsorship

BIN Sponsorship


Traditional Programme Manager with state of the art technology and service

  • Cryptographically signed immutable ledger to ensure you can read, record and report on the things that matter the most.

  • Single Rest API minimising the need for extensive development whilst retaining full control of the your user experience

  • Conforms to PCI-DSS standards, ISO 27001 and secured with the power of the cloud

  • Fully managed go-live schedule and business model

  • Ethically compliant using a Shariah framework providing transparent pricing and sustainability

  • Feature rich end-to-end programme management built for the modern card programme

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